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Trade in Multiple Ad-Exchanges

Our platform supports numerous Ad formats including rich media, video, WAP, In-app and interstitial to improve user experience and drive Higher ROI for you.

  • With Clicklogy, marketers get an opportunity to explore the busy ecosystem of media exchange and grab a bull by its horns utilizing the potential of programmatic space buying.
  • We curate the world’s highest performing, chart-topping mobile environments for advertisers to deliver impactful experiences at scale.
  • Premium ad space at a fair price is not the only dish our ad exchange platform has to serve: we open a gateway to hundreds and thousands of inventory sellers in a bargain hunt.

Real-Time Bidding

All happens within the speeds under 10 milliseconds. We search, find and display your ads for every potential buyer in the right media.

Our technology combines 24 Ad-Exchange Services in real-time, enabling you to get the best price and wider reach.

PMP is providing high quality traffic to premium advertiser with a fixed big floor price set by the publisher.

You can choose from multiple bid types according to your goal: CPC, CPM, CPA, CPM optimized towards to an eCPC, CPM optimized towards to a CTR, CPM optimized toward to an eCPA.

Performance Controls

Great level of detail brings more clarity to media buying evaluating variety of dimensions. We are reforming the conventional advertising exchange by infusing smart bidding system to promote your brand relying on big data and advanced technology. Our ad exchange uses the power of programmatic allowing advertisers to bid at individual impression level using the allocated budgets wisely.

Conversion Tracking

Prove that your ads are able to generate profits by measuring how many sales made from each ad servings.

Landing Page Tracking

Discover how each page on your website affects the behavior of your prospective buyer.

Frequency Capping

You are the ones who control how often your ad is shown to the same person.

Day Parting

Not all ads are effective at the same time, maximize each of your ad communications at different times.

Mobile Targeting

Feel the full control of your hands, choose the type of OS, Browser, Carrier to the handset brand you are targeting.

Fraud Protection

Our comprehensive detection tools and real time quality check technology paired with human insights prevents your ads from getting fraud and bot traffic as we take ad fraud seriously as you do.

Hybrid features

Traffic Planning

Review 100% transparent inventory sources. We provide data with all dimensions, including the bid price for your reference and enable you to download the site lists.

Multi-Dimension Report

Multi-dimension report for precise optimization, support real-time report, change campaign status and bid price.

Optimization Strategies

Multi-dimension report provides data for precise optimization. Automated rule will also assist you to optimize your campaign.

Cross Channel Targeting

Place your personalized ads and bid on big pool of audiences across video, display, social and mobile with our wide targeting capabilities including Geo, carrier, Gender, third party data and white label solutions.

Custom Algorithms for Segmentation & Targeting

Simple and Fast 3rd Party Integration

Competitive Platform Costs

High Security and Simple Platform Access Rules

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